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Privacy Statement

This website is managed by “Medium-Amanda”, hereafter referred to as “Company”. The internet user registers to this website by completing the order form to request the free welcome offer. The customer will hereafter be referred to as “User”.

Company goes to great lengths to protect your privacy and to secure personal details of Users. The services are carefully secured to guarantee security and appropriate and controlled measures have been taken to prevent loss or unlawful processing of personal details. Company adheres to the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Collection personal details

User details are collected for the benefit of the service provided by Company and to identify violations to ensure terms and conditions are adhered to and for other matters deemed necessary by Company. Personal details include name, date of birth, sex etc. These details will be used at the discretion of Company.

Use of collected details

The collected data will be used primarily to improve the service. In the following cases data will also be used for other purposes:

  • User automatically registers to receive a newsletter.
  • User may receive special offers from partner companies or User can be notified of new products or services of Company.
  • User statistics may be analysed for marketing purposes such as maintaining interest for the various parts of the website.


Data provision to third parties

These data will never be passed on to third parties without the explicit permission of User. To unsubscribe from partner communication, User will use the unsubscribe link which can be found in the emails sent by Company partners. Company uses elaborate security procedures to safeguard data protection, for example to prevent unauthorised parties from gaining access to the data.


Company uses cookies. This is a simple file to identify the User and in the process streamlines access to the website. Cookies will be stored on a computer’s hard disk and its purpose is to improve the service provided by Company. Cookies can be switched off by User manually.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can collect certain non-personal data of the User for statistical purposes. Particularly browser versions, type of operating system and the IP address of the computer that was used.

User shall indemnify Company from all claims of third parties based on the assertion that data processed by Company, the processing of data and / or the results of that processing are in breach of applicable law through registration.

Company reserves the right to make changes in the privacy statement.

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