Medium Amanda knows what your future will bring
Medium Amanda accurately predicts your future


    1. I made a mistake, how can I change my personal details?
      You can do this by simply clicking here and then I will change your details for you and send you a confirmation email.


    1. Is it safe to pay on this website?
      Absolutely, payment on this site is completely secure through the online payment system. When you enter your bank details, they will not be registered on this site. These details are also encrypted (SSL), which enables me to guarantee a twofold security.


    1. I have not yet received my prediction, when can I expect it?
      Each prediction I make is personal and this takes time. It usually takes 72 hours. If you haven’t heard from me after 72 hours please contact me here.


    1. I would love to get in touch with you immediately. How does that work?
      That is easy to do. Click on the link at the top right and create your log-in details. You can use the log-in details to click on the button Instant Spiritual Connection with Amanda.


    1. Amanda, I would like to opt out of receiving the newsletter. How do I do this?
      You can easily do this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter or by sending me a short message here. I will then stop sending you newsletters.


  1. I have a very big problem, Amanda, and I need your extensive help with that. Can I request a new prediction if i want to?
    The answer is absolutely. I help everyone in need. Follow this link to request a new personal reading.

Are there any practical questions that have not yet been answered? Click here to contact me.

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